At the Dumbarton Wrestling Club, we are privileged to have commonwealth competitor in Freestyle Wrestling, Craig McKenna, teaching the team.

Freestyle Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat with its origins going back 15,000 years. The goal of Freestyle Wrestlingis to pin your opponent to the mat. Unlike Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling allows the use of the fighter or opponents legs in offense and defence. Freestyle Wrestling is considered the most complete style of stand-up, bringing together techniques from traditional wrestling, judo and Sambo. As a result of this, freestyle wrestling is considered the best base martial arts for anyone considering a career in MMA as it allows you to dictate where the fight will take place.

At the D-Unit CSH, wrestling classes are a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and due to the nature of Freestyle Wrestling , it is a great muscular workout for the entire body. 



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