About the Club

The D Unit originally opened as a training facility for a local MMA fight team. Over the years it has evolved into a multifunctional training facility incorporating MMA, boxing, Thai boxing, freestyle wrestling, jiu jitsu and fitness conditioning. Our primary goal now is as it was the first day we opened our doors to the public; to provide the best training facility we can for our local community. As no one at the gym is relying on what we do to pay their bills our only motivation is to help you achieve your training goals. This also allows us to reinvest 100% of the profit the gym makes.
We are a gym run by members for members. If you come and train at the D Unit our gym becomes your gym. We promote a relaxed, enjoyable environment for people to train in and only have one strict rule. Leave your ego at the door!

We strongly believe that you should be in control of your training and progress at a pace which you are comfortable with. No one who trains at the D Unit is expected to take part in anything that they aren’t happy to take part in. Although the majority of the classes we run are combat based it is possible to come to any one of them and take part at a skill level only with no contact whatsoever. This allows people to learn a new skill they are interested in with minimal risk of injury. We also understand that everyone is at a different stage in their training journey. If you are a complete training novice, or if you want to train with us to complement an already advanced training programme we can cater for your needs. It’s important to us that you make the progress that you desire to but simultaneously feel as though you are in charge of your training.

Membership Information

Pay Per Class

£5 / Class

All classes are £5 per class which is paid on entry and sign in to the class.

Child Membership

£25 / Month

If you're under 18 and looking to attend multiple disciplines.

Child Boxing Only Membership

£20 / Month

If you're under 18 and only looking to attend the boxing classes.

Adult Membership

£40 / Month

This fee entitles you to full gym access and entry to all 100+ and growing clases per month

Household Membership

£30 / Month

Attach a family member to your Adult membership for a reduced fee of £30

Student Monthly

£25 / Month

Access all classes at a reduced fee of £25

D-Unit Combat Sports Hub
Unit 7 Area 5
Vale of Leven Insustrial Estate
United Kingdom
G82 3PW